Entry #31

Play MW3 with me on Ps3!

2011-12-09 05:23:55 by giftedbuttwisted

Hey everybody! Just started playin MW3 online and I wanna play with some Gifted But Twisted fans! Add me! My gamertag is: scumf_cker

Stay twisted y'all!



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2011-12-09 17:29:45

how is this art relate?
not trying to be rude but this should be privileged for artists needing to get the word out about their projecs and updates on how they're improving themselves to be better at creativity. not to jerry riding on sony's butt for play adverts :P

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Well if you look at my submissions, you will notice that I'm a fairly established artist on newgrounds, I always try to keep in touch with fans and I just wanna play MW3 with some of em, I don't think theres anything wrong with that..


2011-12-09 19:35:27

heh bf3 ;P


2012-01-01 17:49:58

PC or console??


2012-09-08 20:37:27

Dude, get an Xbox.


2013-05-05 17:27:28

But Modern Warfare 3 sucks.


2013-07-01 13:00:32

Hey, wassup, heard nothing from you since October of last year!