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giftedbuttwisted's News

Posted by giftedbuttwisted - December 9th, 2011

Hey everybody! Just started playin MW3 online and I wanna play with some Gifted But Twisted fans! Add me! My gamertag is: scumf_cker

Stay twisted y'all!



Posted by giftedbuttwisted - July 7th, 2011

Hey everybody! Gifted But Twisted is back! Check out our new song My Little Hell! :)

More new music coming soon!!

Posted by giftedbuttwisted - August 24th, 2010

Hey everybody, i've come to the realization that i'm not gonna realistically be using newgrounds as much as i used to. but having said that, I still wanna talk to everybody on here so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add me on facebook and I'll talk to everybody, I just have 347 messages in my inbox and I dont have the time, but my facebook link is http://www.facebook.com/giftedbuttwist edkid. So yeah, talk to me on there! If you send me messages through NG, I most likely wont even end up reading them.

Facebook though!! :D

Much love to everybody and thanks for all the support you've given, we couldn't have done it without you! New songs coming soon :D

Posted by giftedbuttwisted - November 3rd, 2009

Hey everybody, I'm back on newgrounds! Sorry I haven't logged in for a while, we've been really busy working with our new producer/manager Micheal Baker. I promised everybody a copy of All The Small Things and you can download it here :)

Thanks for all the support and much love to all!!


Posted by giftedbuttwisted - October 5th, 2009

Hey sorry I haven't sent out the CD to all of you yet, I've had alot goin on recently between school, workin with our new management and a frightening personal incident, I haven't forgotten about you guys, I've just got alot goin on. :/

We love every single one of you!


Posted by giftedbuttwisted - September 23rd, 2009

Ok so for the first time, we are hiring a manager. I've been talking with Micheal Baker, manager of Hot Action Cop and we might be working with him. I'll keep everybody posted!


Posted by giftedbuttwisted - September 13th, 2009

I'm still sending it to people, I just haven't had computer access for a week, sorry its taking so long, I promise you'll get it.


Posted by giftedbuttwisted - September 6th, 2009

As of now, we have 500 fans on newgrounds!! Thanks everyone!!

Posted by giftedbuttwisted - September 2nd, 2009

If you haven't gotten my message with the link to the CD, relax, I am sending it, I've sent the message to about 400 of you so far but newgrounds limits my messages so I can't send them all in one day. I promise you will get it though, ya just gotta be patient.



Posted by giftedbuttwisted - August 29th, 2009